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While this basic structure is common to all variants of the Buddhist calendar, the names of the months are different in each language.

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In some versions, numbers are used instead of names. Months in the Gregorian calendar Like in the Hindu calendareach month is divided into two fortnights.

lumbini, the birthplace of the lord buddha

The first fortnight has 15 days and comprises the waxing half of the phases of the Moon ; the second fortnight has 14 or 15 days and covers the waning Moon phases. Moon phases in your city When Does the Year Begin? Another similarity between the Hindu calendar and the Buddhist system is the fact that the new year begins as the Sun traverses into the zodiac sign of Aries.


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This date, as well as the Buddhist calendar year as a whole, is dependent on the length of a sidereal year, which is the time the Earth needs to complete a full orbit around the Sun in relation to fixed stars. Since this time span is about 20 minutes longer than a tropical yearwhich determines the onset of the seasons and which the western Gregorian calendar aims to reflect, the Buddhist year begins slightly later each year.

At present, the Buddhist New Year falls into the second half of April, although there are regional variations.

conscious dating | spiritual dating |worlds best spiritual dating site

The Buddhist calendar uses the Gautama Buddha's date of death—or, in Buddhist terms, the moment Buddha reached parinirvana—as its starting point. While there is disagreement about the exact year, some versions of the calendar starting their year count in years or BCE, the most commonly observed year numbering system starts in year BCE.

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There are regional variations. Leap years in the Gregorian calendar Accuracy Buddhist time reckoning is fairly inaccurate when it comes to reflecting the length of a solar year and the onset of the seasons. This is because it aims to reflect the length of a sidereal year while the year cycle used to determine the distribution of leap years is based on the length of a tropical year.


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