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Dating site headings definition

Online Dating Profile Headlines And Profile Examples

Defining Page and Report Titles and Dimensions The word page refers to a screen full of information on your display or a page of a spooled printed report. You can place top and bottom titles on each page, set the number of lines per page, and determine the width of each line. The word report refers to the complete results of a query.

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You can also place headers and footers on each report and format them in the same way as top and bottom titles on pages. Setting the Top and Bottom Titles and Headers and Footers As you have already seen, you can set a title to display at the top of each page of a report.

You can also set a title to display at the bottom of each page.

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You can also set a header and footer for each report. To suppress the report header without changing its definition, enter REPHEADER OFF Positioning Title Elements The report in the preceding exercises might look more attractive if you give the company name more emphasis and place the type of report and the department name on either end of a separate line.

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It may also help to reduce the line size and thus center the titles more closely around the data. Note that there is no longer any space between the last row of the results and the bottom title.

The last line of the bottom title prints on the last line of the page. The amount of space between the last row of the report and the bottom title depends on the overall page size, the number of lines occupied by the top title, and the number of rows in a given page.

The Best Online Dating Headlines; dating site headings definition

In the above example, the top title occupies three more lines than the top title in the previous example. You will learn to set the number of lines per page later in this dating site headings definition. COL 15 places the title element in the 15th character position, indenting it 14 spaces. PNO the current page number. PNO has a format ten spaces wide. You can reference a column value in a top title by storing the desired value in a variable and referencing the variable in a TTITLE command.

online dating profile headlines and profile examples

Displaying the Current Date in Titles You can, of course, date your reports by simply typing a value in the title. This is satisfactory for ad hoc reports, but if you want to run the same report repeatedly, you would probably prefer to have the date automatically appear when the report is run.


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You can do this by creating a variable to hold the current date. You can also enter these commands interactively. For example, you may wish to do so when you print a report.

Site headings definition dating

On most types of computer screens, the formfeed character clears the screen and moves the cursor to the beginning of the first line. When you print a report, the formfeed character makes the printer move to the top of a new sheet of paper, even if the overall page length is less than that of the paper. Storing and Printing Query Results Send your query results to a file when you want to edit them with a word processor before printing or include them in a letter, email, or other document.

Word 2013: Headers, Footers, and Page Numbers

See the platform-specific Oracle documentation provided for your operating system for more information. For more information, see the SET command.

Sending Results to a Printer To print query resultsspool them to a file as described in the previous section. First, use EDIT to create the script with your operating system text editor.

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