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Affozighiar, Acacus Mountains, LibyaCatfish seem to occur more regularly in rock art than other species of fish, possibly due to their physical characteristics. In some cases they will leave the water and crawl on dry ground to escape gone fishing dating site pools.

This capacity to live in very shallow waters and to occupy the liminal spaces between land and water has elevated them to more than a simple food source and given them a place of cultural significance in many African societies. Silver fish Raiamas senegalensis. Both Sharptooth Catfish and Tilapia are floodplain dwellers and possess the ability to live and spawn in shallow waters, making them easily susceptible to predation.

Catfish spines were also used to decorate Saharan pottery with dotted wavy-line patterns.

These biological characteristics, which meant they could be easily hunted, may explain their frequent depiction in rock art. Perhaps their value was also reinforced by their being possibly the last fish species to survive once aridification had taken hold in the Sahara.

Barbed points can actually be used to catch multiple types of prey, but the primary use across Africa was for fish. Here people were catching Catfish weighing up to 68 kg lbsufficient to feed eighty people for two days. Research has noted the distribution of barbed bone points across the Sahara, and the correlation between these locations and the distribution of species requiring deep water.

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It is clear that there is continuity in sophisticated fishing technology and practice that has lasted tens of thousands of years. Other aquatic species Other aquatic species are more difficult to identify and are much rarer. For example, the image below has been interpreted as a jelly-fish like creature.

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However, by manipulating the colour and lighting, the image is a little clearer and appears to share morphological characteristics, such as the rounded carapace and small flippers, with a turtle rather than a jellyfish. Furthermore, we know that softshell turtles Trionyx triunguis have been found in archaeological deposits in the Sahara dating to the Holocene. The vertical and wavy strands hanging down underneath could represent the pattern made in the sand by turtles when walking rather than being the tendrils of a jellyfish.

In addition, the image from Wadi Tafak below appears to resemble a snail, and is consistent with what we know about the Capsian culture who inhabited modern Tunisia, Algeria, and parts of Libya during the early Holocene — BC.

Their distinguishing culinary feature was a fondness for escargots — edible land snails.

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Pollen analysis has indicated that during the Holocene, Gobero was situated in an open savannah landscape of grasses and sedges, with fig trees and tamarisk, where permanent water and marshy habitats were present.

Aerial view of Gobero archaeological site from Sereno et al. Approximately burials, ranging over a year period, were found on the edge of an ancient lake. Grave goods include bones or tusks from wild fauna, ceramics, lithic projectile points, and bone, ivory and shell ornaments.

One adult male was buried in a recumbent pose seated on the carapace of a mud turtle.

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Microliths, bone harpoon points and hooks, and ceramics with dotted wavy-line and zigzag impressed motifs were found in the burial fill, in an associated midden area, and in nearby paleolake deposits. Nile perch Lates niloticuslarge catfish, and tilapia dominate the midden fauna, which also includes bones and teeth from hippos, several bovids, small carnivores, softshell turtles and crocodiles.

The early Holocene occupants at Gobero — BC. We can see this most explicitly in the burial within a turtle carapace in Gobero, but the representation of aquatic animals in rock art is a significant testament to their value.

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