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Get travel information on the go with our free 'Train Tickets' app uk train tickets explained

There are three different fare types in the UK: advanced, off peak, peak. The cheapest option are almost always the "advanced" train tickets.

You can book this tickets far ahead - the booking horizons depend per rail operator - and you have to travel on the selected time and date. It's often not possible to cancel or change the tickets.

If you want more flexibility, choose the off peak tickets. The big plus is that you can choose your own train times on the travel date, but the disadvantage is that you can't travel during peak hours. Seat Reservations Is it possible to book seat reservations in the UK?

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On most trains seat reservations are possible, but not on all. Most local trains - often only with second class carriages - do not offer the possibility to make reservations.

Are seat reservations required? No - on all trains in the UK you can just hop on board and find a free seat.

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Are seat reservation included if I book online? If you book first class tickets online and reservations are possible for your journey, a seat reservation is automatically included.

For second class tickets this is not the case.

If you have a BritRail Pass, first or second class, you need to make reservations at the ticket office. This is not required - you can take any train and just find a free seat, seat reservations are optional in the end.

get travel information on the go with our free 'train tickets' app

Is it necessary to book seat reservation in the UK? Is it possible to book seats online?

What are the costs of seat reservations in the UK? Top 10 Popular Routes.

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