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Registering a dating site business

How To Generate Business Name Ideas For Dating Business

Then it must be renewed.

This means renewing it before the end of the 5-year period, and knowing when you have to register again. You can renew a registration within 60 days after it expires. If your legal name is a single name where your culture has a tradition of single names and you need to enter that single name on a form, please call ServiceOntario at or toll-free at for more information.

For more details on registration requirements, please review the information sheet on registering your business name in Ontario. You can find a list of key terms and definitions on the business information guide.

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Search, register and renew online You can search, register and renew business names online using a single, simple tool called the Integrated Business Services Application. Go online at a ServiceOntario centre Check for the nearest ServiceOntario centre with public-access computers. Please note: registrations submitted on a Saturday, Sunday, statutory holiday or after 8 p.

Search, register or renew by mail or in person You can search, register or renew by mail or in person for the following types of businesses. The links will take you to the appropriate forms:.

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