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Of course, it's also worth noting that filtering out potential matches solely based on how they answer a question could prevent you from giving an otherwise awesome person a chance IRL. Dating is okcupid best dating app, and we know that. The third-most popular dating app first launched in !! It's a simple, but effective system.

Which best describes your political beliefs? About how long do you want your next relationship to last? We're proud that it takes longer to set up your OkCupid profile than it does to get a Lyft or an Uber," says Hobley. How frequently do you drink alcohol?

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Those hard-hitting questions will come up eventually, so isn't it best to get 'em out of the way from the get go? Do you okcupid best dating app scary movies? And then get a bottle of wine and a good friend who can describe you.

We don't just ask you, 'Hey would you date someone who didn't vote? Tinder Andrew Zaeh for Bustle According to the Piper Jaffray survey, 27 percent of single millennials — as well as 22 percent of single non-millennials — said Tinder was their dating app of choicewhich could be due in part to how user-friendly the app is. Three out of four profiles on all dating apps have not been updated since they were set up.